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Septic Service Milford PA

Septic System Cleaning & Installs

M&S installs residential, Standard In-ground Septic Systems, Standard In-ground Pressure Dose Systems and Elevated Sand Mound Pressure Dose Systems. We also offer a full range of septic system cleaning and maintenance services like High-Pressure Pipe Jetting and more.

Septic Service Milford PA

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Call M&S when you have a back up. We can offer you cost effective solutions to your sewer and drain problems.  We use both Cable and Jetting tools to free up your system. With proper, regular maintenance, your lines will stay open with the risk of clogging greatly reduced.

Septic Service Milford PA

Septic System Certifications

Buying or selling a home?  You may need to have your septic tank certified and inspected. Our highly trained technicians will come to your location, inspect the system, make an assessment, pump your tank, back-flush it to thoroughly clean the tank and inspect the tank’s baffles and the overall condition of your tank.

General Warning Signs

of septic system failure are:

Clogged or sluggish drain lines

Is your sink acting more like a bucket?  This is one of the most common and easily recognized signs that there may be an issue with your septic system.

Sewage Backup

Can you see or smell sewage in the drain lines and appliances of your home? If so, you are experiencing septic issues.

Gurgling Noises

Do you hear a gurgling noise in the drain?  This is an indicator that things may not be flowing properly.

Septic System Alarm

Some septic systems are equipped with an alarm. When the alarm on your system goes off, it time to call us.

Grey water in drain field

Sewage or grey water on the surface of the ground in your drain field is the result of an unhealthy septic system.

Greener Grass

Soft, mushy ground or thicker green grass around the system is usually a sign that there is an issue.

Bad Smell

Sewage odor outside of the residence is a strong indicator that your septic system needs maintenance.

Why Choose M&S Septic Services?

Residential Services

When it comes to septic systems, we do it all from simple maintenance to full services and installs.


M&S is committed to being environmentally friendly, taking septic back to its roots.

Septic Experts

Our septic experts can assess your system and perform the necessary maintenance.

Commercial Services

M&S also offers commercial services such as grease tank cleaning and car wash tank cleaning.

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