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At M&S Septic Services, Inc. we’ve been servicing customers in Pike, Orange and Wayne counties for fifty years. We specialize in residential septic tank cleaning, sewer and drain cleaning, septic certifications, septic system installation and repair.

All of our technicians and staff are knowledgeable, courteous, professional and provide our customers with the best service possible. Our dedicated technicians provide service 24 hours a day 7 days a week – even Holidays! All technicians have been properly trained in the use of all of our superior equipment as well as safety procedures.

We are committed to providing outstanding service to our customers and protecting the environment with 50 years of service.

Couteous Service

What do we do with your waste?

We are proud to operate out of a Tertiary Treatment Level Facility located on a 23-acre complex in Matamoras, PA.

After waste is treated, processed and de-watered, it is introduced into a 2.5 meter belt press. The press forms cakes and the cakes are transported to one of our permitted farms for land application. The farms utilize these cakes for fertilization on their fields in order to grow crops such as corn, alfalfa, hay and soybeans. What sets us apart is that most companies pump their customer’s tanks and then transport the waste material to a treatment plant where it is processed. Our Class A biosolids are lime stabilized to kill any pathogens and blended with soil to create a very rich topsoil used by residents and contractors.

100% Recycled

What is a Septic System?

There are two parts of a septic system. First is the septic tank which is where treatment occurs. This watertight tank stores solid waste while it breaks down. It is made up of decay resistant materials that meet the specifications provided by your state.

Next is the drain field which is where soil absorption occurs. A drain field can come in one of three forms: standard, sand mound or pressure dosing. Despite the type of system you have, their purpose if the same: to renovate, treat and dispose of the wastewater.

Most septic systems function as designed for 20-25 years, as long as a regular maintenance schedule is followed, and you keep your drain field free of trees, shrubs, heavy equipment and vehicles.

How Does a Septic System Work?

Wastewater is carried from your home or business through a pipe and deposited into the septic tank where it is collected and stored. Bacteria within the tank organically break down the solids turning them into sludge. Heavier solids sink to the bottom of the tank and form the sludge and the lighter materials float to the surface of the water and form a layer of scum.
The wastewater, which is free of solids, grease, laundry detergent and other harmful materials then passes through the baffle. Then, the wastewater goes through the distribution box and is carried into the drain field. The function of the baffle is to prevent the layer of scum from entering the drain field, and the distribution box evenly distributes the flow of the wastewater throughout the drain field. Once in the drain field, the wastewater is distributed throughout the layers of gravel and into the soil where it is filtered and purified.

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