The waste produced by car washes is often difficult to haul, treat and dispose of. Most companies prefer not to haul the waste due to the high costs involved to collect and treat it. Treatment alone is a very complicated and time-consuming process for many haulers. M&S has tilt-back trucks, jetting equipment to clean the trucks, and an on-site treatment facility which makes it easier to service car wash customers. M&S will haul and dispose of your car wash waste professionally and legally.


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What Causes Backups?

The most common reasons for backups are due to soap residue, garbage disposal waste, hair, and grease. While these are the most common cause for issues, they are also the easiest to correct and control.

The age of your drain lines can also be a factor when backups occur. For instance, if your line has many joints and/or connections, this could lead to pipe degradation and poor infiltration. The condition of your lines itself plays a vital role in the increased likelihood of backups and failure.

Settlement, due to improper bedding of the drain lines, can cause improper flow and buildup. It is necessary to avoid improper slopes, dips, sunken joints, root infiltration and breaks.

Are my lines flowing properly?

Should you experience any warning signs, it is time to call M&S immediately. M&S will dispatch an experienced technician who will determine the source of the issue and diagnose the best solution to fix the problem. Catching troubles early will save you time, money and headaches in the long run.

What can I do to reduce the risk of my lines backing up?

Simple preventative actions:

Use lighter weight toilet paper
Make sure there are baskets or screens on every drain
When using a garbage disposal, make sure you run plenty of water and have the blades sharpened often
Heavy grease should be disposed of in your residential trash
Use liquid soaps (powdered soaps are made with wax that can leave behind a residue)
Do not flush feminine products, baby wipes or paper towels down the toilet
Make sure all outside drain caps are fitted & secured properly
Clean area drains frequently

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