How to treat a septic system?

One day, you are playing catch with your dog in your front lawn and notice a lake size puddle in the middle of your yard. You think, ‘Oh it just flooded from the rain’, but it has not rained in over a week. The giant pool of smelly water in your lawn could be a sign that it is time to get your septic pumped. M&S Septic Services are able to treat and fix all septic issues across Pike County. Our services are available whenever your septic system needs some attention.

It is vital to make sure your septic system is treated and pumped regularly before greater issues occur. One must pump their septic system before the sludge levels get too high, between the lighter and heavier scum layers. Neither layer can reach levels where semi-solid waste can flow into the drain field and become clogged. If the drainage filed becomes clogged, then a solution would be to dig up and replace the entire drain field. Another solution to a congested drain field would be to add activate natural bacteria and enzymes, to further break down waste materials.

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Bacteria holds a great role in the decomposition of organic waste material in the septic tank. Bacteria’s job is to further break down solid waste in the septic tank prior to passing through to the drain field. Without any bacteria present, the septic tank solely becomes a holding tank for an accumulation of waste. The septic system becomes backed up when the bacteria is not present so nothing can break down waste.

Bacteria can be killed off in the septic tank due to:

  • Excessive quantities of household chemicals (detergent and bleach)
  • Garbage disposal grinds, which are natural and organic, but take longer to decompose
  • Disposal of non-biodegradable products (plastics)
  • Disposal of excess amounts of grease and fats
  • Too many people using a smaller or failing septic system

M&S Septic Services are the septic experts working across Pike County, New York. Our company knows the warning signs of a failing septic system and the right treatment method. As a consumer, you do not need to be a septic specialist, but may want to know the core issues happening within your septic system. Leave the septic problems, to the professionals of M&S Septic Services.

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Septic Service Milford PA