What is a septic system?

Let’s say, you’ve just finished going to the bathroom and you wash your hands, then proceed along with your chores for the day. Do ever wonder where the waste goes? Do you ever think about how often you should clean out the waste? Do you even know how a septic system works? Well, M&S Septic Services are the septic experts of the Tri-State Area and are ready to work whenever you need them most.

To begin, a septic system is an efficient, contained, underground method that treats and disposes of wastewater onside. There are two parts that make up a septic system: septic tank and drain field.

First is the septic tank, where the treatment of waste takes place. The solid waste is stored in the septic tank and further broken down. Solids accumulate and are continued to be broken down by natural bacterial actions. If the solid waste cannot be broken down by the decomposition process, then the waste will build up creating a layer of sludge at the bottom of the tank. Also, some waste products, such as fats and oils, will float to create another layer of scum at the top of the tank. A septic tank is made up of decay-resistance materials and must meet the state’s requirements.

Second is the drain field, where the underground soil absorbs the wastewater. Drain fields are also known as leach fields or leach drains. The type of drain field may vary among standard, sand mound, or pressure dosing. Each type of system has the same purpose of treating and disposing of the wastewater. So, a drain field is where the soil absorbs all the contents of the septic tank.

Here’s how it all works: when someone uses the bathroom, the wastewater is carried from the building in a pipe and dumped into the septic tank. Next, the septic tank collects and stores waste until the bacteria within the tank decomposes the solids. During this break down process, heavier sludge follows to the bottom of the tank while lighter sludge floats to the top. Then the filtered, liquified wastewater passes through a baffle. The baffle acts as a filter and prevents the layer of scum from entering the drain field. Lastly, the wastewater passes through the distribution box; the distribution box evenly distributes the flow of wastewater into the drain field. The wastewater is distributed across layers of gravel and soil where it will then be filtered.

Most septic systems are designed to function for over twenty years, if a regular maintenance schedule is followed. Another suggestion is to keep the drain field free of any trees, bushes, vehicles, and other heavy machinery.

M&S Septic Services are here to provide all septic services. M&S services are professional and available across the Tri-State Area. Our services include: septic tank cleaning, septic system installation, drain field rejuvenation, and inspections of your septic systems. For all your septic system needs, M&S Septic Services are here to deal with your waste issues.

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