What Not to Flush

Everyone uses the bathroom daily, it is just part of life, but are you using the bathroom correctly? What products are you flushing down into your septic system? Are they safe or will they clog your septic system? M&S Septic Services are here to help educate you on what to not flush down your toilet.

MS Septic Toilet not a trashcan

So, for starters all organic waste materials can be flushed into any septic system. Outside of bodily functions, most common household items can harm your septic system.

Here’s a list of top items NOT to flush down your toilet:

  1. Bathroom Wipes
  2. Condoms
  3. Cotton Balls and Cotton Swabs
  4. Prescription Medication
  5. Paper Towels
  6. Cigarette Butts
  7. Band-Aids
  8. Dental Floss
  9. Fats, Oils, and Grease
  10. Cat Litter
  11. Disposable Diapers/Sanitary Napkins/Tampons
  12. Hair
  13. Chewing Gum
  14. Little Creatures
  15. Food

M&S Septic Service’s advice is: if you are not sure if the product is safe to flush, then do not flush it. The list above can act as a guide for what is OK to flush and what is not OK.

MS Septic What not to flush

The good news for flushing problems, is that M&S Septic Services are ready to rescue your septic system. M&S can provide septic services to consumers throughout Pike and Orange County, New York. If someone in your household has flushed these products to clog your toilets, then our business is here to help. M&S Septic Services is willing and able to deal with your septic issues.

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